The designs on Drapers fabrics are meant to give personality to the head, emphasizing elegance and refinement. The features of the drawings may indicate tacitly the character and seriousness of the wearer, Drapers knows the importance of the drawings and tries to help its customers in the choice of them.


Drapers offers exclusive fabrics made with “damier” style, the French term for checkered fabric, with alternate or conflicting frameworks and dice. The damier style is perfect for making jackets wi...


Drapers offers a selection of patterned fabrics that can give added value to your clothing in terms of color and originality, ideal for the creation of unique and exclusive tailored suits.


The overcheck fabric is achieved by using a united fund or a fancy box in the warp and weft. It is a very elegant design, suitable to complete the strong personality and authority of the wearer, pe...


A Chalkstripe fabric is a fabric that has vertical lines, equally spaced between them. Chalkstripe is ideal for business suits that will complement the personality and professionalism of the wearer.


The fabric Grisaglia, also known as grisaille or sharkskin, is a very refined fabric, characterized by an alternation of light and dark threads, perfect for making clothes comfortable and stylish d...


Its special weave is basically a variation of the common plain weave in which the warp and weft create a simple checked pattern.


The fabric consists of a fabric of small drawings that can seem like a Unique texture and it is this feature that makes this type a unique and exclusive yarn. The fabric with micro-design is perfec...


A melange effect from a far and a detailed impact up close.


The houndstooth fabric is a shuttle textile with color effect, made for contrasting color yarn for the purpose of forming the characteristic pattern crow's feet. This fabric perfect is perfect to r...

Prince of Wales

Prince of Wales is an exclusive fabric designs by characteristic small square within the larger square, with numerous variations of tones and colors. This fabric is ideal for the construction of sp...

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