Drapers offers to its customers a list of frequently asked questions in order to help them in solving questions or in having information about our exclusive fabrics. If you require additional information please contact us.

How do I care for Drapers fabrics?

Garments made in Drapers fabrics, whether jackets, suits, waistcoats or overcoats, must periodically be ironed in an appropriate manner either by a tailor or a specialised cleaner’s. This simple ad...

How do I wash Drapers fabrics?

Garments made in Drapers fabrics must only be dry cleaned. As they are of very high quality and are delicate, they should be cleaned at a specialist cleaner’s. Garments made in Drapers fabrics, whe...

Can I buy gift-wrapped Drapers fabric in the e-shop?

Yes, you can. Drapers offers an elegant gift wrapping which can be added to your basket during the check out. At only €10, the fabric can be gift-wrapped in a prestigious packaging Made by Drapers....

What do I do if my Drapers fabric is stained?

If a garment made in Drapers fabric is stained, “DIY” solutions are to be avoided at all costs. In such an event, we advise a visit to a specialised cleaner’s for immediate dry cleaning. The softne...

How do I know how much fabric I need to buy?

The quantity of fabric you need to have a garment made is given on every fabric page: you can select the intended garment for the fabric you are buying (jacket, suit, overcoat, trousers) and click ...

How do I contact Drapers Customer Care service?

Contacting Drapers Customer Care service is very simple: just send a request using the contact form on our website. Select the area of interest (general information or information about tailors) an...

Which tailor can I contact to have a garment made? Can you help me?

If you don’t already have a tailor you trust, Drapers will know the names of some specialists in the sector in your area. These artisans, with whom Drapers has had a strong collaborative relationsh...

Which payment methods does Drapers accept?

The Drapers e-shop will soon accept all the main credit cards: Visa and MasterCard. You can also pay by bank transfer.

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